“What makes this surface so fascinating is its unique look and characteristic feel.”

Bringing surfaces to life

IGP-LivingSurfaces breathe life into surfaces of all kinds while simultaneously protecting them from extreme weather for the long term. They are ideal for coating metallic components for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Plain or speckled? Choose between coating powders with the characteristics «micro-speckles», «wave relief» and «grain structure». The IGPLivingSurfaces range lends architectural surfaces a unique and joyful vibrancy, transforming otherwise functional edifices into visual poetry.

Certified weathering class 2

Corrosion Resistance

Gloss and Color Quality

The use of solid elements made of natural stone or concrete to accentuate the horizontal separation of floor levels or the vertical structure of building grids is all the rage in contemporary architecture. Horizontal “belts” and window surrounds made of precast concrete elements create attractive contrasts – but unfortunately also increase the weight of the structure. This extra weight greatly affects the design of the foundations, even when using fiber-reinforced concrete elements.

These days, a careful choice of materials is essential for anyone seeking to conserve resources and construct eco-friendly buildings. Key considerations include not only the material’s environmental impact during its production, but also the time and expense required for installation, as well as its interaction with other components.

Precast concrete elements and structural ceramics are examples of heavyweight architectural components. They are not considered sustainable building materials – on the one hand, because the production of binding agents such as cement is highly energy intensive. Above all, however, because the loads exerted by pilaster strips and concrete shells (which weigh several tons) necessitate considerable additional structural work right down to the foundations.

By opting instead for the reformulated concrete and stone effects in the IGP-LivingSurfaces range and making some simple changes at the planning stage, all of these problems can be avoided. IGP Powder Coatings, the Swiss manufacturer of highly weather-resistant architectural coatings, has been busy replicating the look and feel of striking concrete mixes and popular natural stone finishes. As a result, the company has launched a range of powder coatings for surfaces whose structure, color, and feel are just as impressive as their resistance to light and the elements, and, of course, their low weight.

«White concrete with diabase aggregate»

«Tyrolean sandstone»


Like concrete or stone, only much lighter – an alternative planning option with enormous potential

Following the completion of several bold reference projects, such as the «Lab 48» at Munich airport, the experts’ verdict is unanimous: IGP-LivingSurfaces coatings have enormous potential as an alternative planning option for high-quality, lightweight coated constructions.
These highly weather-resistant powder coatings are composed of coarsely ground thermosets. Applied to aluminum workpieces, they have proven themselves as exceptionally lightweight alternatives to the standard concrete and stone materials.

Another advantage: Thanks to lower dirt adhesion, the coated surfaces are much easier to maintain. Moreover, IGP-LivingSurfaces products contain neither environmentally hazardous substances nor out-gassing VOCs.

This range of concrete and stone-effect coatings can be produced in all shades and with a variety of aggregates at the request of designers and architects.

IGP-LivingSurfaces are characterized by their vibrant interplay of textures and colors. Just like a block of natural stone from a quarry, surfaces coated with IGPLivingSurfaces are characterized by subtle variations that create a truly authentic impression.

are microstructures that are pleasant to the touch, aesthetically convincing, and easy to clean. Finely dispersed, effect-inducing powder particles enrich the «base note». The coloring effect is primarily created through the addition of color mixtures.

→ Product variant 591TC

Wave reliefs
are silky, glossy surfaces that are reminiscent of the curved shapes of sand dunes. Even the monotone wave reliefs (592SA) exhibit a high degree of vibrancy – enhanced by light and shadow effects created by their flat, short-wave topography.

→ Product variants 592SA, 592SC, 592SE

Grain structures
are based on coarsely ground powder grains that create a solid, mineral appearance. Depending on the application thickness, their special particle size distribution makes it possible to reproduce fine, plaster-like or even “solidified” surfaces that faithfully mimic natural or artificial stone. These special products require correct preparation to ensure flawless processing for the highest-quality finish.

→ Product variants 591TA_A81, 591TC_A81; 592SC_A81

LAB 48 in Munich

A new level of authenticity with a truly solid feel

Lab 48 is the first office building on the multi-property campus that is being developed along the large access avenue to Munich Airport. Based on a multifunctional concept, the building was designed to allow a variety of uses, with a focus on enabling people to collectively develop and implement new products, while also leaving room for new forms of collaboration.

Its architecture is both inspiring and sophisticated – the stacked, partially cantilevered multistory cubes stand out in different shades of concrete, yet still communicate with each other. With their deep matt finish that lends them the appearance of massive, solid jambs, the façade’s generously sized frame elements – hollow-box sections coated with a harmoniously speckled, grainy IGP-LivingSurface coating – contrast strikingly with the transparent glass panels they enclose.

The architects required the pigment specialists at IGP Powder Coatings to achieve an entirely new dimension of authenticity and uniqueness, with the goal of creating the appearance of total solidity – which would otherwise only be possible using processed natural or artificial stone.

IGP’s lab and production team succeeded in using coarse-grained powder coating mixtures to create an appealingly vibrant surface with a unique character that vividly enhances the building’s cubic architecture.

Auer Weber Architekten BDA

Building structure axial dimension

Floor space
approx. 29.400 m2

Start of construction / Occupied
Feb 2020 / Mar 2022

Metalworking company
Dobler Metallbau

Coating company IGP-LivingSurfaces
BSO Metallveredelung GmbH

Coating materials
IGP Pulvertechnik AG

Coating grade
IGP-HWFclassic Class 2, highly weather resistant

Gravelly Anthracite IGP-HWFclassic 591TC78965A8
Grundierung IGP-HWFclassic 591TA70120R10

Quarry IGP-HWFclassic 591TC78926A81
Grundierung IGP-HWFclassic 591TA70370R10

Stone Age IGP-HWFclassic 591TC78626A81
Grundierung IGP-HWFclassic 591TA70300R10

MakadamIGP-HWFclassic 591TC78927A81
Grundierung IGP-HWFclassic 591TA70440R10

“We’re impressed by how this new type of coating creates a grainy texture with vivid depth, which is otherwise only possible with mineral or patinated surfaces.”

Till Richter

Architect and Associate with Auer Weber Architekten, Munich